Online LPN Programs – For Freshers As Well As Experts

Online LPN ProgramsIs there anything these days you can’t do online? You can shop date, and even study online. Many universities offer courses online and more amazingly University of Phoenix is an online university.

It is all for the sake of making studying more accessible. So the person who has to work days, travel or just doesn’t like to be tied to a routine can acquire the degree of their choice at their convenience. In the case of LPN online programs however there is a slight issue.

LPN stands for licensed practical nurse. Obviously it means that you will be required to have hands on skills like attaching a central line or CPR. These things couldn’t possibly be taught only in theory. So what is the meaning of LPN programs online? It means that all the theory courses will be taught online but the practical skills will still be taught hands on. Steer clear of all the programs that say the entire program is online.

It’s not possible. In order to be certified as a practical nurse you will need a degree from accredited online LPN programs and the board of practical nurse certification will not recognize any program that does not involve clinic hours to fulfill. This means there are certain drawbacks. You will not be able to finish any program that is based beyond your geographical reach. The programs will certainly require you to fulfill the clinic hours and the clinic will be based where the program is based. This means he clinic will have to be close to where you will because you will need to visit quite frequently.

The point of the program being online is that you can schedule your classes to your absolute convenience but beyond that it will yield no more advantages. Do some research before enrolling in a program? One sure way of making sure you are enrolling in a program that will lead to a certification is by contacting your state board of nursing. Ask them for a list of accredited LPN online programs and see if the program you have chosen is in that list. If not then choose a convenient program from that list. In order to enroll in the program you will need certain perquisites.

Most programs require a high school diploma with better scores in certain subjects such as biology and mathematics. A few require college credits especially in English and fewer still need an active CPR certificate. If you fulfill their requirements you can now enroll in a program. After you graduate from the program you still need to be certified as a practical nurse.

You will need to contact your state’s board of nursing and register to sit for the NCLEX-LPN licensing exam. This will involve paying a fee and proving your graduation from an accredited LPN program. If you pass the exam you will be licensed and eligible to apply for employment as a practical nurse.

Nursing is one of the noblest professions out there, the internet just made it so much more achievable.


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